Business development
We understand all aspects of a company's value chain and can thus ensure that technology, products and services meet the customer’s requirements and needs, that it works out in practice and that the business will be profitable.​ ​We ensure that the company's road map corresponds to the available resources. It is easy to think that this is simple and obvious, but the complexity of tying together all the pieces are often underestimated.
The paperless society may be realized at last. Digitization means not only services and features get a digital platform and structure, but also that huge amounts of exciting data is being collected. We can digitize your most strategic functions and business offers and we know how to intelligently get the needle out of the haystack.
Due Diligence
Sometimes a third party assessment of the status of your own company, or in a company you are interested in, is needed. We have the knowledge and resources to quickly assess the entire business; from research and development, innovation, product development and product management, systems, system integration and IPR, to business, clients, marketing, sales, organization and management.
Change and Change Management
If you wish, we take the responsibility for coaching, managing or directing the changes needed within your organization. We have experience from doing this in both small and large companies as well as in the public sector.
Internet of Things
IoT is the buzzword on everyone’s lips. We've been working on this technology since long before the term was invented and understand both its possibilities and limitations. We can make it happen.
Interim management
We have experience from all corporate levels, which gives us a lot of strength when we take on roles in middle and executive management. With a background as directors and owner representatives, we are well positioned to give advice on board work as well as on corporate governance, especially in companies with revenues ranging from a few million to a few billion kronor.
Fund raising
With a background as investors in the venture capital industry as well as financiers to the public sector, we can help raise capital for companies under development and transformation. Besides the right skills, external capital is often necessary to accelerate the development and expand the business. We know how you package your message in order to reach both private investors and public financial support programs.
Crisis Management
Major and serious events affect not only individuals but entire communities and businesses. With our expertise, we have been responsible for crisis management during some of the most momentous events in Sweden.
Human mobility and movement must be reliable. This requires systems for managing information and governance as well as for long-term planning of cities and regions. In our projects, we ensure the efficient development of such urban planning tools.
Patent strategy
Patents usually protects a technical specification but often fails to provide protection for the business you are about to develop. We clarify your patent strategy, ensures that your future business is protected and help you to visualize all critical aspects and values.
When you are short on time, you have to prioritize quick results rather than long-term, stable and comprehensive development. We can help you to achieve both.
Product Managemnet
In small and medium-sized businesses the product management role is often not defined and processes for product strategy and planning are still to be developed. We develop process solutions together with your organization so that you can take ownership over the process, thereby enabling you to continue the process internally.
Project Management
We just love complex situations where many skills and wills together are working to achieve what no one thought possible. Of course, we are also eager to help out with everyday tasks.
Public Procurement
We manage extensive procurement of technology and services worth billions where the procurement process sometimes takes several years. We know most of the tricks of the trade and
what both clients and suppliers dream about at night time.
Flows of goods, services and people require a high degree of coordination, reliability and availability, especially when something unexpected occurs. Everything is connected and no company or organization can alone control all possible scenarios, which is why partnership is the key word. We lead projects with many partners in order to achieve robustness, strengthen crisis prevention and to provide security and stability.
Second Opinion
There are moments when it is crucial to have a third party verifying that the intended path or development is following in the right direction. Due to our long experience of customer-driven development of technologies, businesses and companies, we do this in a very cost effective manner.